Breakthrough Size and Light Distribution

Cree XLamp XQ-B LED
Cree XLamp XQ-D LED
Built on Cree’s revolutionary SC3 Technology™ platform, XLamp XQ LEDs deliver the unique combination of small size, reliability and novel light distribution. This combination of features enable the next generation of designs for applications that require broader light distribution, such as omni-directional lamps and fixtures. 

Smallest lighting-class LEDs

The XQ LEDs are Cree’s smallest lighting-class LEDs at just 1.6 mm x 1.6 mm, 57% smaller than Cree’s XLamp XB package.


The ceramic-based XQ LEDs deliver reliability comparable to Cree’s other ceramic high-power LEDs, such as the high-performing XP or XT LEDs.

Breakthrough light-emission pattern

Cree XLamp Mid-Power LEDs

The XQ LED also features a breakthrough light-emission pattern where more light is directed to the sides than straight out of the package. Compared to standard LEDs, XQ LEDs allow the use of fewer LEDs to achieve a wide, distributed light pattern. 

Together, these innovations enable manufacturers to increase the light output, reliability and omni-directionality of their designs. 

  • Smallest lighting-class LEDs : 1.6 mm x 1.6 mm
  • Built on Cree’s revolutionary SC3Technology™ Platform
  • Ceramic package
  • XQ-D LED: Up to 130 LPW @ 1 W
  • XQ-B LED: Up to 160 LPW @ 0.18 W
  • Wide viewing angle: 140 – 145°
  • Minimum-80, 85 and 90 CRI options available