Cree XLamp XHP LEDs

The Path to Lower System Cost

LEDs are no longer the most expensive portion of an LED lighting system, but they fundamentally determine the overall system performance and cost. Cree’s new XLamp® Extreme High Power (XHP) LEDs provide twice the lumen output and improved reliability to enable up to 40% lower system cost. 

Lighting manufacturers can drastically reduce the size and cost of their lighting system design by using fewer, more-reliable LEDs to achieve the same brightness. XHP LEDs enable new lighting designs that require fewer optics, a smaller printed circuit board, a smaller housing and less handling. In addition, XHP LEDs achieve longer lifetimes even at higher operating temperatures and currents than previous LED technology, allowing lighting manufacturers to reduce heat-sink size and cost without impacting the rated lifetime.

Cree Extreme-High-Power XHP LEDs

Powered by Cree’s groundbreaking SC5 Technology™ Platform, Cree’s Extreme High Power (XHP) class of LEDs provide twice the lumen output and improved reliability compared to previous LEDs. The result is significantly lower thermal, mechanical and optical costs at the system level.

Optimized for all lighting applications that require high lumen output: 

XHP35 XHP50.2 XLamp XHP70.2 LEDs
XHP35 XHP50.2 XHP70.2
(mm x mm)
3.45 x 3.45 5 x 5 7 x 7
light output
Up to 1833 lm
@ 13 W 
Up to 2654 lm
@ 18 W
Up to 4292 lm
@ 29 W

Optimized to deliver maximum candela through secondary optics for applications requiring high luminous intensity:

XHP35 High Intensity Thumbnail
(mm x mm)
3.45 x 3.45
light output
Up to 1483 lm
@ 13 W