Redefining What's Possible in Lighting


The new Cree® SC5 Technology Platform

A fundamental breakthrough in lighting-class LED performance that doubles light output to radically lower system cost.

(What else would you expect from innovators at Cree?)

Powering the next generation of Extreme High Power (XHP) LEDs that can reduce system costs by up to


SC5 Technology Platform

SC5 2X

Significantly reduce thermal, mechanical & optical costs at the system level.

Extreme High Power LEDs

A new product class & new product families

Cree XLamp® XHP35

Cree XLamp® XHP50

Cree XLamp® XHP70

Extreme high power Cree XHP LEDs


2X the light output
Compact package L90 lifetimes at high operating temperature & current

Change how you think about LED system cost

SC5 graph

Change how you think about LED lighting design

SC5 diagram

Cree XHP LEDs reduce size and BOM

  • » Smaller heat sink enabled by better reliablility at high temperature
  • » Fewer LEDs mean smaller PCB
  • » Industry-best lumen density shrinks optics
  • » Beter lumen maintenance means fewer LEDs

Choose smaller or more powerful
at a lower system cost

SC5 two lights
  • » Cree XHP LEDs with double the lumens & double the light output
  • » XHP LEDs can take the heat-no need for a bigger heat sink
  • » Upgrade performance & reliability without retooling

Just how do Cree extreme high power LEDs lower your system costs?

SC5 LED component

Smaller PCB, fewer LED placements

Mid-power LEDs 1900 lumens @ Tsp = 70°C 17.5W (109 LPW)
PCB: $3.16
Placements: $0.48
Total: $3.64
CREE XHP LEDs 1900 lumens @ Tsp = 105°C 16.9W (112 LPW)
PCB: $0.11
Placements: $0.01
Total: $0.12

Cost Savings = $3.52

SC5 solder graph

Cree XHP LEDs' higher operating temperatures shrink heat sinks and luminaire designs

SC5 large opticsPowered by Mid- Power LEDs
SC5 small opticsPowered by Cree XHP LEDs

More light in a single, smaller LED means smaller optics

Shrink PCB, TIR reflector & diffuser optics

Stop adding LEDs to compensate for L70 life


Cree XHP LEDs deliver a long lifetime at high temperature & drive current

L90 @ 35k hours

Less lumen loss over time means fewer LEDs up front

Save up to 20% in energy use


Cree XHP LEDs rated at L90

lose less than 10% of their light at 35k hrs

Mid-power LEDs rated at L70

lose 30% of their light so the lighting design requires 20% more LEDs to start.

This adds LED, PCB, heat sink and driver cost, plus 20% more energy usage.

Reduce pick & place costs

SC5 solder pad layout

Enables 6V & 12V voltage from the same XHP LED

Cree XHP LED innovative solder pad layout

Drive down driver costs


Cree XHP LEDs enable the use of smaller, off-the-shelf, lower cost drivers

Higher voltage, lower current than standard 3V


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