Every manufacturer of horticulture luminaires must balance the multiple application tradeoffs of efficacy, longevity, spectral optimization and optical distribution. With industry leading capabilities and features, Cree LED’s broad portfolio of mid-power and high-power components allow for optimal per-crop photon efficacy and longevity at competitive costs. Cree LED features industry-leading performance at all PAR wavelengths with reported DLC Horticulture Lifetimes of up to Q90 > 90.7k hours.

Cree LED’s newest Horticulture Linear reference design in the New Energy, LLC vertical farming room.

Power Class LEDs Footprint (mm) Maximum Power (W) Full Spectrum 450 nm 660 nm 730 nm Datasheet (PDF)
High Power
(1 + W)
JR5050B K Class 5.0 6 JR5050B K Class Image      
JR5050 P Class 5.0 6 JR5050 P Class Image      
XLamp XP-G3 3.45 5 XLamp XP-G3 Standard & S Line Image
Standard & S Line
XLamp XP-G3 Standard Image
XLamp XP-G3 S Line Image
S Line
XLamp XP-E2 3.45 3     XLamp XP-E2 Image XLamp XP-E2
Mid Power
(0.5 W)
JB2835B G Class 2.8 x 3.5 1.5 JB2835B G Class Image      

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