Cree LED Introduces Cutting-edge XLamp® Element G LEDs with the Industry’s Broadest Range of Colors

  • - 17 colors plus white options
  • - Consistent 3A max current across all colors
  • - Full spectral control
  • - Superior light output

XLamp® XHP70.3 High Intensity LEDs – Portable Daylight

  • - The best and brightest keep getting better and brighter
  • - >130% improvement in peak candela
  • - Up to 52% increased throw
  • - Improved color-over-angle

Lights Up The Fan Experience at PNC Arena

Cree LED’s high brightness LEDs are integral to the production of large-scale LED screens. They provide a sharper, brighter and clearer image.

Cree LEDs Delivers A Broad Portfolio of Mid- and High-Power LEDs for All Horticulture Applications

Industry-leading performance for all horticulture wavelengths

Reported DLC Horticulture lifetimes of up to Q90 > 90.7k hours